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How it all started

Are you sick and tired of watching other people wearing excessively expensive (but super dope) sneakers while you have to settle for more affordable and available models?

I know I was…

My income wasn’t allowing me to come anywhere near buying my dream sneakers like the Jordans 3 OG in Size 10 that costs over $4,500 USD from resellers & a simple Supreme Box Logo hoodie that costs over a grand! Of course, that didn’t stop me from keeping up with the hype and I visited Supreme stores every Thursday for new releases (for which most of the time too late!).

(Yes, I am one of those fanatics who know your own sneakers better than most do)

That said, nobody was surprised when I decided to get into fashion design school and take internships at major sportswear brands, starting off at Nike before working my way up into supply chains and assembly..And that’s how it all started…



Shocking Truth: ‘Limited Collections’ Aren’t That Limited At All

With time, I was deployed overseas to low cost labor countries like Vietnam and China where big brands would outsource their production process in these factories. I noticed that THOUSANDS of pairs of the most popular & exclusive sneakers get left behind such as the Off-White Jordans 1 Chicago or the Undefeated 4s which gets replaced when there is an inspection fail, or a defected batch that was set for retail turning bad due to weather storage conditions (as most sneakers are kept in warehouses for months even years before being sent to retail stores) or other related reasons.

Just like that.

I concluded my research and as it turned out, these factories (hired by big brands like Nike and Adidas) produce 2-5 times the amount of supplies they need for their productions or release and divide the entire manufacturing process into multiple different factories to prevent a single one from gaining any design insights or the power to have access to the full supply chain or sell these exclusive items themselves in the first place. Finally they are all brought together at a private assembly chain ready to be assembled by the big brands themselves!

The main reason for all this is that they need these extra pairs ‘just in case’ – to replace the rejected pairs after they fail to pass the FINAL quality inspection since they could never be late for an announced item release date.

Well, guess what happens once enough pairs pass the control & these huge companies reaches its quota?


Hundreds (if not thousands) of extra materials gets left behind

Can you believe that?

As crazy as it might sound, big brands release very limited stocks into the market to create the scarcity and scale up prices. The rest left behind are just meant to be discarded. If you checkout the history on how the Supreme “hype” has came about, I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean.


That’s when I came up with this idea…

Factories And Local Manufacturers Don’t Know What to Do With All These Leftovers, And Not All Brands Destroys excessive supplies. Do You?

As a sneaker lover with immense passion for streetwear, I couldn’t watch all those amazing pieces get left to be gone, it has been a problem for major brands ever since and till today it still is…

With majority of these brands outsourcing their production in China due to cheap labor costs, with enough understanding of how they worked and they’re language, it made my expedition fairly easy, however it took me a long time before any signs of success was shown because you just can’t walk up to such places or simply find them on the internet, their not meant to be found! As i discovered further and build my network along with a few other partners involved, asking these factories to sell us those leftovers  as “backdoors”… I know this term seems unheard off, and we were often being rejected…You know what they say, “consistency is the key to any success” and with time and countless amount of efforts, we were able to gather every single un-assembled parts out there, that literally took my entire career time with these factories.

(What would they do with them anyway?)

Moving forward, having most major brands already manufacturing their products and sourcing their supplies from China itself, we only had to get our hands on a limited amount of pairs before we were able to find the identical source of material on every inch of the products we sell on our website today, and that is why we usually don’t release an item until it has been “officially released” in retail stores.

That’s how BLVCKREPS was born – “BLVCK” representing Unauthorized Authentic and “REPS” that meant the Replicas

Fast forward today, we have the largest network of manufacturers that produce sneakers for all major brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Supreme, etc and yet we do not have to rely on them. We sell exclusive models like the Yeezy Boost Collection, Jordans 1 Off White Edition (one of our favorites), Fear Of God and even designer brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and many more. We sell them at a much more reasonable price by being able to get our hands onto every single part of each clothing and sneaker materials that is used exactly on retail items through undisclosed factories and then have them assembled in our own warehouse with full precision and attention to details ensuring that everyone of you could put them on with full confidence. (The key to our success was to be able to hire the highly underpaid & talented workers from these big brand factories to join us instead)

This is the closest you could get without breaking the bank or your pockets, owning these highly limited & iconic streetwear fashion.

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